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New Releases : 15th April 2009

There was only one new release last week, The Halls of Montezuma from GMT games a card driven game recreating the 1846 -1848 MexicoUSA war.

Next Wednesday see the release of Eve : Conquests , a sci-fi game based on the online game of the same name.

Kingsburg has been re-printed for release next week. Kingsburg is a fantasy themed dice fest; it feels like a cross between yahtzee and a classic euro game – but is a lot more fun than that description sounds.

Three Pewter miniatures have been released for Descent.

I am going to be adding some rather exciting games to the range in the coming weeks – these are games not yet distributed in the UK which have received rave reviews. Some titles of note are ‘Diamond’s club’ and ‘2 de mayo’. I’ll let you know when they arrive.

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