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Is it really in stock?

I am often asked - Is it really in stock?
The short answer is yes. If you can add it to cart (i.e. purchase it) then it is either in the warehouse or is a confirmed pre-release. If it’s a pre-release it will be clearly noted at the top of the long and short descriptions. This note will tell you when we expect the game to arrive.
If it is not in stock (or a pre-order) then you can not purchase the game. 
The long answer is that I feel very strongly that if a customer purchases a game from me then they can do it on the basis of having confidence that they will receive it. The idea that you receive something you paid for is not unreasonable, however it is not uncommon in board game retailing for shops to sell games they do not have in stock and can not supply.  When I started boardgameguru in 2008, two recent shopping experiences had made an impression on me – the first was seeing a game I had wanted for ages in stock at shop 'x' (now closed) and being just under the threshold for a discount I ordered another game to get over the £50 threshold. The next day the game I had ordered to get me over the threshold turned up but the game I really wanted was out of stock and refunded (and so I lost my discount). The second was another game that I ordered from shop 'y' only to receive a refund a few days later with an email saying ‘this has been unavailable for ages’ – to which my reply was ‘why waste my time by showing as in stock’? .

New release highlights 140616

Lots of great games this week

One of each of these will not make it as far the stock room shelves

 'Animals on Board' (smash hit for Pegasus at UKGames Expo) , 'Nina & Pinta' (which received a glowing report from The Opinionated Gamers ) and 'Broom Service : The Card Game' (The game seems to have come full circle being the card game of a board game which was the board game of a a card game....). I just need to arrange some game nights...