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31st May New Release highlight

A 2 player co-operative game from Japan - 'The Ravens of Thri Sahashri' is probably the most unusual release of the week (if not the year...). One player is a girl who has lost her memory and the other a detective who is trying to help her restore her memory.  I have to confess to owning this since its Essen 2014 release but not played it yet. The original release was only a few hundred copies and it has been republished to a wider audience by British publishing house Osprey.  Osprey have quickly created themselves a reputation as astute game publishers having re packaged Peer Sylvesters King of Siam into (the excellent) 'The King is Dead' and the submarine wargame 'They Come Unseen'.

New releases sparking my interest - May 20th

'Tin Goose' is my most anticipated game for some time - a transport economic and risk management game from the designer of the superb 'Sekigahara' (Matt Calkins). I also like the theme of the pioneer age of commercial air travel. I am wondering how it compares to Martin Wallace's 'Aeroplanes' - maligned by some because of the dice rolling (and random turn order). I like 'Aeroplanes precisely because it created the risk management that might be required a new economic endeavor, you need a Plan B, C and D to survive. However, 'Tin Goose' promises No Luck and lots of the external economic shocks that plagued the industry. The difference is that the players control these events and it adds a layer of deduction and bluffing to the route building and airline management. 


'Imhotep'From Phil Walker-Harding ('Cacao', 'Sushi Go' and 'Archaeology'),  'Imhotep'  is a cut throat game of pyramid building that has been mentioned as a  candidate for this years Spiel Des Jahres award.