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Hold the Press! Best of 2013 Part 6

The trouble with putting together 'best of 2013' lists is that it's quite likely that I will have not played a lot of games released in the year. Not a problem if you believe you can spot the games you are likely to like and those you won't. A comparison to 'King of Tokyo' (fine game, but does not set my heart racing) had caused me to ignore 'Quantum' - I can see how 'Quantum' can be compared to 'King of Tokyo' ; dice and special power cards - but the comparison is a disservice. One is a knock about dice fest the other is a sublime game of tactical chains, short lived strategic dreams and boundless outcomes - I played 6 times over the weekend and every game played out differently - every new game I saw new combos and tactical subtleties I had not seen before. Glorious. 

6 Plays. Rated a 9. Joint best in Class 2013

Best of 2013 Part 5

A Study in Emerald

Neil Gaimon’s short story, ‘A Study in Emerald’ is a paradigm of literary precision whereas Martin Wallace took the 3,000 or so words and poured in the anarchist history of the 19th century, the complete Cthulhu Mythos , Vampires and Zombies. My first three plays had left me agreeing with the question is the game a ‘Mess’ or ‘a glorious mess’? My fourth added the option ‘Glorious’.  A mix of deck building, majorities, hidden objectives, take that and a bit of cosmic chaos means that its not going to be a game for the control lover. You need to enter the game and play the players not just the game. It was only in my 4th outing that this clicked and just in time as one agent was converted to a Vampire, a plague of Zombies was spreading across the board towards me and an obvious 'Restorationist'  was making his bid for victory…and even though I was sure he was on my team I had to cap his main agent. A little like last years 'Archipelago' you have to manage the board and deduce the other players intentions and lay false trails your self. Delicious  and my choice as best game from 2013.

4 Plays. Rated 9/10