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'Dungeon of Mandom' or 'Welcome to the Dungeon'

Absolutely delighted to see  Oink's Japanese hipster game get a wider audience in the form of  Iellos 'Welcome to the Dungeon'  .

Its superb -  A 10 minute game of filling a dungeon with monsters and either being brave enough to go in and fight the beasties, or even better bluff you opponents to go and face certain death!

Pick of this week's releases

A step up in complexity for the Brit design team Dunstan and Gilbert, however given how good 'Empire Engine'and 'Divinare' are it's an easy choice for new release of the week - Elysium!

The theme is Greek god hocus pocus, however the card play sounds fascinating (read this review)

Star Wars Armada

Big Ships on your table slugging it out for the future of the Universe! The base game arrives next week and the expansion miniatures arrive at the end of March. Star Wars Armada - Available to pre-order now!

This video preview is worth watching (I love the movement system)

'Time of Soccer' is that rarest of board gaming beasts - a football management game that is actually quite good

I saw this being played at a convention and knew i had to stock it. A Euro take on soccer management with some die rolling for results and a great solitaire variant. 'Time of Soccer' arrives in store Wednesday 25th March

Pew Pew! Just arrived

Pew Pew! from designer Nathan Hansen is a solitaire game emulating those great, old-school arcade shoot ‘em ups from the 1980s, only better suited now for those of us whose reflexes may have slowed (gameplay is turn based), but whose minds are more cunning. If you remember the kid you were spending afternoons at the local arcade, then Pew Pew! is a genuine blast from the past and all the good times you remember in a boardgame format.

Angels One Five - just arrived

This is your finest hour!

This fascinating simulation puts players in charge of British and German Squadrons as they duke it out for air superiority over the battlefields of Europe. Unlike other air wargames, this one is not tactical (individual dog fights), nor strategic (conducting bombing campaigns); Angels One Five is uniquely operational in scale with combat conducted via squadron-size units.

Angels One Five comes with fourteen scenarios covering famous battles between the RAF and the Luftwaffe, as well as a scenario generator for infinite replayability. The game is easily played solitaire, or by multiple players each commanding one or more flights of escorts or interceptors.

Wargames author, professor, and designer Philip Sabin introduced Angels One Five in his book, Simulating War,
and this Victory Point Games edition has polished the game's original components to bring you a great simulation game experience