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New Releases : 21st September

I’m on holiday from Tuesday 22nd September to Sunday 27th. Whilst away there is no one manning the shop so any orders placed will be shipped on Monday the 28th. I will be monitoring and replying to emails and confirming orders whilst away.

and to try and stop you looking at those nasty other games shops whilst i'm away i have put a small 5% discount in place for all purchases made between now and Sunday ,just enter the code KOSMOS

Batt’l Ka’os from Zman games is released next week.. It’s a tile laying game which sees Orcs and Knights fight it out over castle strongholds.

The Island of Doctor Necreaux
is the first of AEG’s huge autumn release schedule. This is a co-operative card game for 1 -5 players.

The war gamers amongst you will be whipped into a sea of frenzy by two GMT releases this week.

The first is 1805 : Sea of Glory – a block game recreating the continental blockade that kept Napoleon from invading dear blighty.

The second is PQ17 – Arctic convoys. This game recreates the massive supply of goods by the Allies across the seas at the top of the world to aid the Soviet War Effort. The Nazis threw subs, surface raiders and planes at the convoys.

From rules read through both of these look like very interesting games

Caesar's Gallic Wars from Worthington Games completes the war games released this week.

Having listened to a few old Dice Tower Pod casts I have been brain washed into stocking the full range of Battleground Fantasy Warfare (they used to advertise in the show). It’s a miniatures game without miniatures, is expandable and a playable set costs a small fraction of a playable miniature army.

Battle for Hill 218 and Reef Encounter have been re-printed and are back in stock

Pandemic on the Brink is scheduled for release on Tuesday 29th September.

A few German copies of ‘Rise of Empires’ will be arriving on the 28th. Email me if you’d like one.

And last it’s the obligatory “go to another website and buy a game” section.

The game in question is “Where there is discord” a solitaire game recreating the retaking of the Falklands. The profits from the game are going to The Royal British Legion and the Argentinean equivalent. For a debut design and publishing effort the game looks amazing and has been receiving rave reviews. I have ordered a copy and am looking forward to getting this to table.

Have a great week


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