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Terra Prime

Of the two Tasty Minstrel debut titles Homesteaders is the one i'm looking forward to playing the most. However, the theme for my games groups evening was Ameritrash and Terra Prime appeared closer of the two to the theme so it got played first. Having read that it is an ameritrash/Euro hybrid i would say you could strike out the ameri bit of the statement - it's a euro with a space theme and some colourful artwork. There is no direct conflict between the players, comeptition being for colonies, resources and technologies. Another canard to put to rest is the quality of the components - they are fine, and under £30 pretty good value for money.

The game does not have anything new to offer by way of mechanics. It's part pick up and deliver, part exploration. There appear to be a few strategies you can employ to win and by customising your space ship and buying technologies the game leads towards speclialisation, at least it does in a 3 player game. I suspect it will be more interesting with four or five players as the rare techs are gobbled up and it's more difficult to be an out and out specialist. Whilst not being particualrly original the game rattles along and does not overstay it's welcome at ninety minutes.

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