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Who needs a holiday?

I know i do. After the busiest two months for boardgameguru (with the exception of December 2009) since i started trading i am feeling a little in need of a break. I had been puzzled as to why June and July have been so busy - it's not been an excpetioanl period for new releases, and i thought we are at the start of the mother of all austerity drives in the nation's finances. The answer, i understand is that folks are cutting back on expensive holidays. So instead of an all inclusive in Ibiza we are camping in Cornwall, saving a grand or so, and spending a % of the savings on 'treats' - so hobby shops are not doing too badly. Moreover, i think people are buying more games to take on their holiday; perhaps not trusting to the British weather.

My 5 day holiday will be spent with my family in Rugby (long gone are trips to the airport). And with a nephew and niece waitng who lap up boardgames i have got to plan my packing quite carefully - last year they loved Finca, Livingstone, Carcassonne and Niagara. This year, a year older, i think it might be time to try them on some new stuff. So far i have ruled out Brass and 18xx but that leaves quite a few options...

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