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Essen wishlist

I imagine i am not the only one hitting the refrsh button on boardgamenews Spiel preview, searching for details of the lastest releases.

I have been reading the rules of Essen releases when they become available, and whislt they are not the best guide to how well a games going to play (last year i dismissed Endeavor, Vasco Da gama and Hansa Tuetonica after a rules read - big mistake) they, and the occasional word with play testers, are the only thing to go on.

So whats on my list

Category 'Will wrip it out of the hands of the seller on early Thursday morning'

Master of Economy
7 Wonders
Key Market
Grand Cru

London would be top of this list but its being delivered to Treefrog subscribers before Essen

Category '....Now rush to get these'

51st State
High Fronteir
Porto Carthago

Category '2 hours till back to the hotel go grab'

German Railroads
First Train to Nuremburg
Baltimore and Ohio
New Adlung Spiel
New bambus

Friday will be spent loading up for the shop. Looking at the list, if this was a 'pick up and deliver' game i would not be doing very well - some purcahses can be combined and if i have paid for it it can be left till the afternoon. However, i plan playing on Thursday late into the night and there are on or two games that just must be played (7 wonders springs to mind twice)

There are a few titles which will get a Rio Grande or Z man Uk release within a few weeks of Essen so they are not on the list (Rio del Plata, Incan Empire) so they can wait.

My main aim is not to buy everything i see and come back with a bunch of games that will be played on a regular basis and not traded after a few months (i'm looking at you Megacorps...)

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