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Eastbourne AKA BoardgameVille Sur Mer

I only attend five conventions a year (well six if you include a Saturday morning visit to Expo) and one is held in Essen and the other four in Eastbourne. I used to travel to cons in University Campuses, bypasses, the Chernobyl exclusion zone to game because that's what I was there to do to the exclusion of all else (especially excluded were sleep and vegetable consumption). Nowadays I don't want to game for more than 10 - 12 hours a day, and the other 12 -14 hours needs to be spent in some comfort and with more to look at than Nissan's whizzing past at 70 miles per Hour or at some post industrial wasteland. And how wonderful it is that Eastbourne with its Victorian gentility serves up four gaming weekends a year - two for Counter Magazine readers and writers to get together and two for London on Board members to go gaming crazy. The bi-annual events sit just in the off season in March and November in hotels that sit next to each other on the seafront. Both are intimate affairs - LOB sees 50 attend and Counter about half of that. The low number count (LOB is limited to 50 which gets booked up within days of it being announced, Counter is just not publicised) means you get to know nearly everyone over the course of a weekend, and the low numbers creates a very friendly atmosphere. There are some big differences LOB and Counter weekends - With the later dedicated to the 'cult of the new' and LOB to the 'cult of fun' - I would guess I am in the youngest 15% at Counter but in the oldest 10% at LOB. What Eastbourne (and most seaside towns) offers is a perfect gaming break ; every few hours I can walk along the front - clear my head, perhaps even sample the ice cream then head back to the table refreshed.

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