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Descent Second Edition

Fantasy Flight are forgiven for every other pile of chromed up, pedestrian playing, lacking in imagination, poorly playtested, piece of donkey do from the last three years because this game is genius. The system is so stripped down from a rules read through it looks shallow, but game play is just so tense and involving unimpeded by 10,000 chits or Terrinoth waffle (its there but the table looks less like a town centre pavement after pub closing and more like a mission). For once the design hits the spot, game first, chrome second. This is the grail Dungeon crawl - the rules are simple, 15 minutes setup per encounter and and an hour or so play per scenario. Plus there is a campaign, with incremental development for both Players and Overlord. At no point does the game stall and at the trackable information is at just the right level - its possible to keep it all in view and mind yet theres enough going to provide depth to the story and meaningful choices for all participants. A huge improvement on Descent - which was damn fun to begin with. Where there was grind there is now flow, where every encounter went on longer than a Frankie Howard death scene now there is one decisive, bloody and brief tipping point...

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