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New Releases 25th March 2013

All new releases can be found here ‘Batman : Gotham City strategy Game’. This solves the problem of who gets to be Batman? As players are four arch villains being pursued by the caped Crusader. Designed by Paulo Mori (‘Libertalia’ , ‘Vasco Da Gama’ and the Pocket battles series) ‘Lord of the Rings: Dice Building Game’ – Quarriors mechanics meets MiddleEarth theme. The third edition of Puzzle Strike, and Puzzle Strike Shadows – a stand alone expansion that can be combined with third edition. ‘Chicken Caesar’ – a game of fowl negotiation set in ancient Rome. ‘Relic’ – Talisman given a Warhammer 40K Makeover ‘Axis and Allies 1914’ ‘Star Wars : Angriff der KlonKrieger’ (sorry no English rules for this) ‘Jackal and High’ (reminds me a little of the recent Alea game Vegas) ‘Toss it in the trash’ (a light party game) ‘The Pirates of Lys’ is the third Chapter pack of the Song of the Sea Cycle for A Game of Thrones Living Card Game ‘The Ruinous Hordes’ is the fifth Battle Pack in the Eternal War Cycle for Warhammer Invasion ‘A Study in Static’ – the fourth data pack for Netrunner and unfortunately already sold out. I have more on order. Arriving on Tuesday ‘Rialto’ – Stefen Feld’s second release of 2013 (and I think a guru only UK release for the moment) ‘Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Deck Building Game’ ‘Shattered Timelines’ is an expansion for Sentinels of the Multiverse. I have bundled together another 7 mini expansions for Sentinels into one (the expansions are the Final Wasteland. Miss Information , The Scholar , Silver Gulch , Unity , Oversized Villain Cards) OSG’s ‘Napoleon at Leipzig’ has reached its 5th edition My recent gaming highlights include discovering 'Myrmes' - a medium wirght worker placement game about managing an ant colony and 'Angola' - which for a 1988 designed wargame feels utlra modern.

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