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Essen 2013 - Are we excited?

Yes we are. I'm off to Essen next week for three days of intensive socialising, game playing and I might even purchase a game or two The hype about this year's show has been muted compared to previous years. I suspect it's because there is not a single game that has got Geeks losing sleep about not being the first in line at 10am on Thursday to buy a copy - no 'Dominion', '7 Wonders', 'Agricol'a or 'Eclipse'. The theme for 2013 seems to be expansions and reprises. The only expansion I will be purchasing (for personal consumption) is for Suburbia. Of the reprises Caverna (Agricola : Cave Farmers)is probably the one I will purchase. There is one type of game that I can't resist and that is Civilisation builders. So Nations will be bought on the first day. I am a little concerned about the lack of conflict on the game but early reports are good. I have pre-ordered most of the Japanese games at Essen; I managed to play a few of them in Tokyo in May and I think the Japanese designers are making the most interesting games at the moment.

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