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Hold the Press! Best of 2013 Part 6

The trouble with putting together 'best of 2013' lists is that it's quite likely that I will have not played a lot of games released in the year. Not a problem if you believe you can spot the games you are likely to like and those you won't. A comparison to 'King of Tokyo' (fine game, but does not set my heart racing) had caused me to ignore 'Quantum' - I can see how 'Quantum' can be compared to 'King of Tokyo' ; dice and special power cards - but the comparison is a disservice. One is a knock about dice fest the other is a sublime game of tactical chains, short lived strategic dreams and boundless outcomes - I played 6 times over the weekend and every game played out differently - every new game I saw new combos and tactical subtleties I had not seen before. Glorious. 

6 Plays. Rated a 9. Joint best in Class 2013

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