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Halloween is fast approaching and all across the land gamers are gathering together in lighted rooms to keep the darkness outside at bay. Armed with sweets to keep any trick or treat gremlins (as well as their own stomachs)  happy, the gamers gather together a selection of suitably spooky games to kill the hours until daylight breaks and the ghosts and ghouls retreat for another year…

With that in our minds we thought we’d share some suitably themed Halloween games that you might be playing this coming Saturday in ‘5 Days of Halloween’…


Geistesblitz is a quick, fun, activity game for ages 8+ by German publishers Zoch. Zoch have a reputation for making good quality games with lots of very nice wooden components and Geistesblitz is no different.

In this pocket-sized box you get five different wooden objects – a Green Bottle, a Red Chair, a Blue Book, a Grey Mouse and a White Ghost and a deck of cards. Each card will show two objects – with one, or both, of the objects coloured differently to the actual physical object sitting on the table in front of you. If both objects are the wrong colour – say a green book and a red ghost – then you’re looking for the object and colour not shown on the card and be the quickest player to grab that object from the table. In this case it would be the Grey Mouse. If you were the first player to grab the Grey Mouse then you get to keep the card as a Victory Point. If you, however, grabbed the wrong object (say the Blue Book) then you have to pay a forfeit of a card in your stash (if you have one) which gets discarded and placed at the bottom of the card deck. Everyone can only make one ‘grab’ a turn so if the first person gets it wrong they can’t then grab the correct item – they have to just watch agonizingly as someone else makes the correct choice and scores the point.

The other possible combination on a card would show one correct item (for instance a White Ghost) and one incorrect item (for instance a Blue Bottle). In this instance you will want to be the first to grab the White Ghost to win the point.

Geistesblitz is a fast and furiously paced game, not to be played with any witches (or anyone else who may have long fingernails…) which is a great Halloween filler.

Two versions of the game are currently available – Geistesblitz and Geistesblitz 2.0. Each are completely stand alone games although Geistesblitz 2.0 does have rules for a ‘mega’ game you can play combining both sets. Geistesblitz 2.0 comes with a Green frog, Red Towel, White Ghostess, Grey Tub and a Blue Brush. Each individual game can usually comfortably be played in under 30 minutes so makes a perfect Halloween filler…

Buy Geistesblitz 2.0 : http://www.boardgameguru.co.uk/geistesblitz-20-12053-p.asp

By Angus Abranson

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