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New releases sparking my interest - May 20th

'Tin Goose' is my most anticipated game for some time - a transport economic and risk management game from the designer of the superb 'Sekigahara' (Matt Calkins). I also like the theme of the pioneer age of commercial air travel. I am wondering how it compares to Martin Wallace's 'Aeroplanes' - maligned by some because of the dice rolling (and random turn order). I like 'Aeroplanes precisely because it created the risk management that might be required a new economic endeavor, you need a Plan B, C and D to survive. However, 'Tin Goose' promises No Luck and lots of the external economic shocks that plagued the industry. The difference is that the players control these events and it adds a layer of deduction and bluffing to the route building and airline management. 


'Imhotep'From Phil Walker-Harding ('Cacao', 'Sushi Go' and 'Archaeology'),  'Imhotep'  is a cut throat game of pyramid building that has been mentioned as a  candidate for this years Spiel Des Jahres award.

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