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Added to range : Junta

I last played this game in 1982 and have fond memories of long afternoons playing Junta. I have a copy gathering dust on my games shelf and have only been mildly tempted to get it to the table. However, having heard a table of gamers erupting in laughter every five minutes whilst playing Junta at London on Board i thought it needed to be added to my range (both in the shop and games played). First published in 1978 Junta has been rediscovered by gamers, helped by West End Games giving it a re-vamp in their 3rd edition. What is Junta? it's a long and light hearted political satire of Latin American politics - players take on different roles in the governing Junta of a fictional republic and try to steal as much money from the country as possible. Back stabbings, double crosses and naked greed are the tools required for success. It's a long game , is 'old Skool' but the mixture of humour, diplomacy and tactics has made this classic stand the test of time....and i'm hopeing to get it to the table soon

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