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This week's new games
(18th Feb 2009)

This week sees the release of two eagerly anticipated games;

Firstly, you can now experience the majestic, sweeping tale told by Age Of Conan: The Strategy Boardgame in which you embody the spirit of the legendary warrior, and fight for glory in the time of myths. Its publishers, Fantasy Flight, are famous for the attention to detail shown in their productions, as well as the sheer amount of "bits" you get. Conan is no exception to the rule, bursting at the seams with 168 miniatures, including towers, forts and armies as well as a vast pile of tokens, cards and playing pieces. Some or all of the players may even get to boast the heroic Conan himself as part of your own forces and he is depicted by his own unique, sculpted figure.

Conan is sure to be in high demand, as this release blends the flavour and excitement of the classic stories with the latest in board gaming innovation. It is be available to order now and is expected in stock at BoardGameGuru on Friday 20th February 2008.

Our second new release this week is the beautiful and epic Supernova, coming in a dramatic, gorgeously illustrated package. It features innovative and unique combat as well as technological development and empire expansion in one beautiful package.

With great new innovations and outstanding presentation, this is sure to be a hit. Get your hands on a copy of the new release, Supernova now, by ordering from our website.

With new releases arriving all the time, and the standards of games being raised higher and higher, this is without doubt an incredibly exciting time to be playing board games.

...keep playing!
The BoardGameGuru team.

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