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Infinite City

Infinite City got it's first outing last night. I enjoyed the game, sort of Carcassonne meets Fluxx meets Dominion. The tiles are chunky and there are a lot of them with game play incredibly simple. Lay a tile, place a dobber on it then carry out the instructions on the tile. The game ends when someone has all their fifteen tokens on the table and then the person who has the most points wins - points awarded for areas over 3 continuous populated tiles and points on some buildings.

The actions on the tiles allow for a lot of screwage, it's difficult to plan too far ahead as your opponents will no doubt shift your men and break your areas. It seemed sensible to try and keep a few defensive tiles in your hands at all times and to forge alliances. I need to play it more before i make my mind up. I ducked out after the first game and two friends played again, which they abandoned after the first turn because one of them had a stella draw which resulted in them playing five tiles and having ten in their hand at the end of the round. Game over. I suspect three or four players might be the sweet spot - with five or six it might just be too anarchic.

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