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More Heroes of the World and Thunderstone

I managed try Heroes of the World out on some gamers last night and it got a universal thumbs up. It was also the first board game i have won in January (or at least it feels like it). Now i must not let my enthusiasm for the game be lifted by a very occassional triumph. As an aside the name of the shop 'Boardgameguru' came about as an ironic reference to my performance over a weekend of gaming were i managed to come last in all seven games played. Back to the game - it is a light and tactical game and to be successfull your main prority is to set your self up to take advantage of what the player to your right does whilst not leaving anything for the player(s) to your left. I think an early wonder is quite good as well even if only to scare the other players.

I have now played Thunderstone multiplayer a few times and all i played with preferred it to Dominion. It could just be the 'cult of the new' but the theme seems to help the game rattle along and despite the low (overt) interaction we all enjoyed the game - especially when the 'Noxious Slag' reared her head in the dungeon. My only concern is that it's going to see a lot of table time and the variety in the game might wear thin before the expansion comes out in the spring.

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