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New Releases 28h Februrary


Fantasy Flight’s third expansion for Cosmic Encounter , ‘Cosmic Alliance,’ is here on Tuesday and includes twenty races, and the ability to play in teams. The ever green base game will be back in stock at the same time.

Martin Wallace revisits the American civil war with ‘Test of Fire : Bull Run 1861’, in an a entry level complexity war game.

‘Rocket Jockey’ and ‘White Water’, both from Mayfair, are games I know nothing about other than the description on the publisher’s website. These have both slipped under the radar.

‘Kaispecher ‘is an expansion for Stefan Feld’s Speichersradt.

'Friedrich Anniversary edition' was released at Essen 2011 to celebrate the 300th year of the Prussian kings birthday. The new edition includes has only minor changes from the 2004 (now out of print) edition with new art work and changes to the map and cards.

‘ Village’, from Eggertspiele and in stock now, is in an interesting and novel worker placement game in that as well as placing your villagers as efficiently as possible you have to manage there departure from life as efficientlu as well – because they need to die when i an an honourable occupation to score at t end game, with a paupers grave scoring no points.

‘Santa Cruz’ is Hans Im Glucks 2012 Nuremburg medium weight euro and its continues the illustrious line of Stone Age, Finca, Titania and Pantheon. Early reports are positive so I have had the rules translated and the German edition will be arriving on Thursday, and it is available for pre-order now.

‘Thunderstone Advance’ is the new core set for the successful Thunderstone series. It will be in store on Tuesday 6th March.

I have emailed all the names drawn out of the hat for the limited number of Cave Evil, so i am sorry if you have not heard from me then you have not got a copy.

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