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New releases 7th February 2012

It’s a great story when a game gets overlooked when released to become a cult classic after it’s gone out of print. ‘Nexus Ops’ is a great example of this, with second hand copies going for hundreds of dollars on ebay. Fantasy Flight have reprinted ‘Nexus Ops’ and given it some added bling – moreover its does not require a remortgage to purchase now. For those of you not familiar with the game it’s a ferocious sci-fi battle game that is over quickly and will have asking for a second game as soon as you finished your first.

‘Cyclades: Hades’ adds four modules to ‘Cyclades’ – this another example of a game that was met with an initial muted response but seems to becoming more popular with time.

‘Giza the Great Pyramid’ is a worker placement game with players trying to impress the pharaoh by making the greatest contribution to the building of his tomb.

Spielbox 7’ – the last issue of the 2011 series includes the last of the Martin Wallace games specially designed for Spielbox (you need issue two to play the games as it contains the counters).

‘Strategy and Tactics 273 ‘includes Reichswehr & Freikorps a two-player (So¬viet versus German) strategic game based on the Russo-Polish war of 1920
If you like your games to include negotiation and blood feuds and look like a million dollars then look no further than ‘Fief’ from Asyncron games – it’s a new and somewhat streamlined version of the 2000 original.

It’s been a long time out of print but the stupendously silly ‘Hamsterolle’ is back in an all new edition – the only boardgame I know that will get envious glances from the family pet rodents.

Restocks arriving on Tuesday

‘Kingsburg’, ‘Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space’, ‘Haggis’ and ‘the Resistance’

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