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Gaming bites

Fluch der Mumie (“Curse of the mummy”)

Guru view : A blast - great fun when played with younger gamers or at the end of the evening with a beer in hand. Obligatory mummy groaning noises must be made when playing this game. The Game is played on a vertical magnetic board which has one player “The mummy” on one side and up to four “adventurers” on the other. The adventurers want need to steel treasure from the crypt – the mummy has to capture the adventurers. Simple ,attractive and fun. On re-order, back in Shop 8th May

Planet Steam

Guru View : After 3 plays (April 09) i think this is a game of genius - the market mechanism is as good as any i have played. Will appeal to lovers of 'Brass', 'Container' and 'Wealth of Nations'. A serious economic Sim with a sci-fi setting


Guru View: From the noise being generated from six grown)men standing round a table at London on Board last week you would have thought that Kate Moss was some where lost in the melee. Not so they - were playing PowerBoats. It has the same effect on family too - Last weekend I played this for a solid three hours with my family – Ages ranging from 73 year old father to 7 year old Niece. And I was not allowed to take it home with me when I left. Deceptively simple to play it’s a must for lovers of race games which have some dice action.

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