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New releases : May 4th

We had two new releases in this week :-

Talisman: The Dungeon Expansion – the first ‘big’ expansion for fourth edition Talisman – this takes the adventure underground.

War for Edadh : The Beginning’ – from new English games publisher Warrior Elite comes this much heralded 2 player card game. Described as a "really innovative system...fantastic game...I love it." by Tom Vasel and "one of the best games I've played of the year" in The Dice Tower episode #135.

Steve Oksienik in his review on BoardGame News said “I’m happy to say that War for Edaðh is a major league player that should put WarriorElite Ltd. squarely on the gaming map...This fresh and inventive game is sure to make waves in the gaming community."

I’m rather looking forward to playing this one myself!

This coming week new releases are thin on the ground - we have ‘Crunch’ from Terror Bull, who brought us ‘War on Terror’ – a, no doubt, hugely amusing and well play tested , look at the root causes of the Credit Crunch.

The Import and Scoop section of the shop has been an amazing success – so much so that I have already sold out of some items and have had to re-order. Games added to this section include Uruk : Wiege der Zivilisation, Der Schwarm, Finca, Islas Canarias, Eine Frag der Ahre, Maori, , Fluch der Mumie (“Curse of the mummy”), Der name der Rose (“The name of the Rose”) and Bausack. All are language independent and just need a rules translation to play which I will provide. Valdora and Space Alert are almost sold out and there are no more in stock at my supplier – so hurry whilst stocks last…..

I am adding more games to this section next week.

I have also added the Project Gipf series of abstract games to my range. This is a series of 2 player games that are considered the finest modern examples of their type. Read here if you’d like to learn a bit more about them.

Major restocks include Descent: Journeys in the Dark, Red November and Tribune : Primus inter Pares, Colossal Arena, Pitch Cars, …..

Reviews on the blog have been few and far between recently – mainly because Alec and I and have been too busy selling and playing games too have many considered thoughts about them. Hopefully this will change soon……

Last week “The Times ” newspaper came to photograph ‘London on Board’ (the games group based in the City of London ) playing Agricola. Apparently the short piece in next Saturday’s Times’ Magazine (9yhMay) is going to say that Board games are cool and of the moment – sounds like alchemy to me and I just hope they have airbrushed out the beer gut.

Talking of Media attention the BBC are making a three part (serious) documentary series called ‘Gaming Britannia’ which will chart the history of games in British life from Roman times through to Video games (via Boardgames). They are looking for volunteers to be filmed playing ‘Diplomacy’ – if you are interested please contact me.

What next? Pictures of 'Dominion' on page three of the' Sun'


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