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How to beat the Credit Crunch

Times are tough, but no need to fear - the Guru’s got the answers to staying solvent. How? Board games. That’s right – you can have a great night in and save the pounds.

Tip one

If the prospect of forking out £400 for a dinner for four at Nobu is sending your Sashimi sour then why not order in a copy of Wasabi!(£23.99) , a take away (£20) add in a couple of beers and a bottle of wine (£15) and hey presto - you have saved a princely £341.01.

Tip Two

Is that exotic holiday looking a mite out of reach? No need to fear – you can see any country or region in the world by staying at home with a board game. Always wanted to do the Grand Tour – let Ticket to Ride Europe (£28.99)whisk you between Lisbon and St Petersburg. Or if further afield is more to your taste then why not spend 10 Days in Africa (£13.99)? Thousands saved.

Tip Three

Now you are saving money – and perhaps want to see if you can do better than those buffoons who got us in this mess. Try Take Stock (£10.49), Stack Market (£14.99) or Acquire (£17.49) – for an investment of less than £20 you can show those pin-striped wonders how it should be done.

Tip Four

If it’s all too unbearable – then why not just escape for good? Race for the Galaxy (£22.99) will help put your earthly worries behind you, well at least for an evening.

Tip Five

Hard times breed hard solutions – if thinking the unthinkable then think again. Before rushing in to a life of crime why not try Cash ‘n Guns, Bootleggers or Fagin’s Gang first to see if you cut the mustard as a gangster?

Tip Six

It’s no coincidence that Monopoly was invented at the height of the Great Depression. Board and card games not only save money compared to a night out, they give the brain a train and bring people together.

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