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Essential Expansions: The Dunwich Horror

Welcome to our new series on game expansions. For some people, us included, games are even better when they get more pieces, rules and ways to play. While not all expansions are created equal, and some disappoint, this series will only concentrate on those we believe add value and longevity, as well as the crucial factor - fun, to all your favourite gaming experiences.

For fans of the excellent Arkham Horror, Fantasy Flight have really pushed the boat out on expansions.

The original game blends RPG elements with the control and reliability of board game rules, your investigators co-operate to fight off the forces of evil and win through against terrible odds.

It is a fantastic game in its own right, and we are proud to stock it.

So good is it, in fact, that to date there has been sufficient demand for Fantasy Flight to deliver five whole expansions (three smaller boxes and two larger) with another on the way in 2009.

Dunwich was the first of the big box expansions for Arkham released, and while the smaller boxes like Curse Of The Dark Pharaoh added cards, rules and excitement, the Dunwich Horror expansion adds a whole lot more.

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The main addition you get is the small town of Dunwich itself, represented by an additional board that sits above the original to increase the playing area. To reach Dunwich an investigator has only to go to Arkham's train station and pay a dollar for a ticket. Once they have done so, Dunwich awaits them with all new locations and events to face.

Chief amongst these events is the rise of the Dunwich Horror, a super-nasty beasty with variable strength which presents extreme peril and great danger for the investigators. It awakens if too many monsters are absorbed by the many wormholes around the town, so keeping the monsters at bay in Dunwich is crucial. If the Horror does awaken, defeating this abomination will give great rewards, and while it is awake the doom track hastens toward awakening the Ancient One itself, so the players are well advised to vanquish it as soon as possible.

The set contains more of these Ancient Ones for you to face, too. My personal favourite is Shudde M'ell, a giant worm like creature (think "Tremors"!) that destroys parts of town as he stirs in his slumber, meaning somewhere you wanted to go could well be razed to the ground before you get there. Even something as basic as changing the Ancient One you face can have far reaching consequences for the way your game goes, so getting four more in this set really gives a little bit extra.

The rest is mainly additional things for the main game, but there's so much of it included, I'm not sure where to start...

Well, you get eight new investigators like the Psychic and The Expedition Leader who give new ways to play as well as excellent new powers for your use. You also get many new items, unique items, allies and spells as well as all the mythos cards necessary for opening gates in Dunwich.

The new "injury and madness" cards give you the option to take a chance when temporarily insane or unconscious - where you would usually lose half of your equipment and clues you may now choose to take one of these cards instead, but beware! Some of them can cause major trouble and all of them put you at a permanent disadvantage, such as not being able to use a hand, or not being allowed any allies.
Another key introduction in Dunwich Horror is the Gate Burst mythos cards. In the original game, once a gate was sealed that was it - no beasties coming through there any more. With this addition, a sealed gate bursts open and must be resealed. These are easily identified by their red backgrounds and can be removed if you find the dynamic they present a little too long-winded.

Even more new bits in the form of new monsters and the introduction of tasks and missions for the investigators mean that this expansion is more or less essential for anyone wanting more fun from the Arkham system.

Frankly, I own all five expansions and am already saving up for the sixth when it is released. The Arkham Horror game more than any other captures, for me, the ideal cooperative feeling of desperation and victory against the odds, as well as being incredibly tough.

It's fair to say The Dunwich Horror adds a extra difficulty to the game, being as it creates a whole lot of new drains on an investigator's precious time and as it adds the gate bursts.

I would definitely say, though, that if you are planning to purchase just one expansion for Arkham - this is the one to get, though of course I'd recommend all five as worth the investment!

...keep playing!

Alec Chapman for The BoardGameGuru Team

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