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Thousands of Board Games - New service

Currently we stock (when we say stock we mean in stock) about five hundred games - these are games which are the most in demand or that we believe are excellent and deserve to be played by gamers everywhere.

However, our 500 is just a fraction of the boardgames available. BoardGameGeek has over 35,000 games listed in it's database - from the obscure, to the terrible (Dog Monopoly anyone?) , to the ancient to ....you get the picture.

We would like to make some of these games available to our customers in the Guru style - unbeatable on price and service. To do this we have set up a new section in the shop called 'No Frills' - think of it as a budget airline. It will get you from A to B at the best price - however we don't expect you to pay to use the toilet. The catch with this section is that we have no photos or descriptions of the products in this range and, because we have to order them in especially , you may have to wait up to 10 days for delivery. The way it works is that you place an order with us, we add it it to our regular orders to our suppliers (usually two or three a week) and when it comes into stock we will post it out straight away. If there is any problem with us securing the games we are not going b*****t you, we will refund the payment straight away and even tell you where else it is in stock (it might be 35% dearer but if you have to have it now we understand)

Many of you have already asked me to find rare games and as it is a service i enjoy providing. Now i would like to make it easier for my customers by having the games listed on the website.
I am constantly adding games to the 'No Frills' section and it will eventually hold well over a thousand games - combined with our 'In Stock' games i hope we can provide the best possible range, price and service to the gaming community.

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