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This week's new games (9th March 2009)

New releases this week include Ilium, a Reiner Knizia game in which player archaeologists collected sets of treasure from the ruins of ancient troy. A family game, this is quick and easy to play.

Catan : German Geographies is a game released to celebrate (modern) Germanys 60th birthday. It’s Settlers set in Germany with a few rules twists to reflect the subject matter.

I have added ‘One more Barrel’ to the range, this Essen 2008 release from Giochix, an Italian publisher, is a boardgame about the second Iraq war. Part-war game part Euro game the idea of the is to expropriate as much money as possible. It looks fantastic and I’m hoping to get a copy to the table as soon as possible.

For the wargamers amongst you there are some interesting new releases this week. World at War : Blood and Bridges is a game that asks what if the ‘Cold War’went hot and how would the British Army of the Rhine fare against a Warsaw pact attack. This platoon level simulation is Lock n Loads most ambitious game yet to use the World at War system and will be a must buy for fans of the system and those interested in British military history.

The second new release is Memoir ’44 Campaign book Volume one – this adds over 50 new scenarios to the Memoir ’44 system and also allows players to experience a whole campaign.

The third is the first map expansion for Tide of Iron which adds new terrain features and can be added to the existing maps to create epic battles.

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