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This week's new games (16th March 2009)

Following on from last weeks Ilium we have another archeology game, this time aimed at the younger gamer - Archeology - The Card game

Age of Steam 3rd edition – the greatest railway game ever (as voted by members of boardgamegeek) has been re-printed by Fred distribution, it comes with an additional maps for solitaire and two players, lots of plastic trains left over from Railroad Tycoon and a lawsuit. However, it’s a must have for board game aficionados – whether you buy this edition or track down one of the rare Warfrog copies on ebay

'Steam' – Martin Wallace’s new rail game is being published by Mayfair in April and some of you may want to wait for that. It will be fully compatible with the forty or so Age of Steam expansions and includes a basic game that is less unforgiving than the full game.

Bonny and Clyde – it’s rummy with a twist set in outlaw recession era America.

Carcassonne Big Box – the ultimate Carcassonne collection contains the base game and a lot of expansions

Two expansions for Cutthroat Caverns arrive this week - Relics and Ruins and Tombs and Tomes add new rules and adventures to the base game.

Small World now has a release date of 27thMarch and we have it available for pre-order.

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